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Backgammon Funfair provides a unique insight into the statistics of backgammon, examining the myriad of possibilities of this centuries-old board game.

Affordable computer programs like eXtreme Gammon have generated an explosion in our understanding of the game. But if you’ve ever wondered, “How many ...?” then Backgammon Funfair will provide the answer.

- How many checkers can legally end up on the bar?
- Why is it not always best to throw double six in a bear off race?
- Just how many billion possible positions are there?

Whether you are a casual player, a dedicated devotee or just a number-loving student of dice games, Backgammon Funfair will keep you entertained. Can you find better solutions to the numerous puzzles it contains?

What they say ...

Backgammon Funfair is an extraordinary, delightful collection of backgammon paradoxes and extreme positions that you would have sworn were impossible. No other book remotely like this remarkable work has ever been published.
Timothy Chow, mathematician

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